Liverpool Basketball Club

Local Development for National Success

Proof of Concept

The first installation was created for the 2013/14 National League season, when LBC moved to the Archbishop Beck Tennis & Community Centre. The ABT&CC was not equipped for basketball, so we had to lay a court, get baskets and provide the necessary time/score and table equipment.



The above photo, taken at an LBC National League game in the ABT&CC just before Xmas 2013, shows a time/score installation, which at that time used:

    • Sony 50” LED HD TV as a display screen on the left of the score-table, fed direct from the PC
    • Below the screen is one speaker
    • On the table is a 22” HP HD monitor linked to an HDMI splitter box fed from the PC
    • Also on the table are a wireless keyboard and mouse, which are linked wirelessly to the PC, which is on the right of the table next to the subs chair
    • An external amplifier, the slightly taller box behind the PC
    • On the far right is the second speaker with another 22”HP HD monitor on top, connected to the HDMI splitter box

Because the room on the table side of the court was a bit restricted, it was difficult for the coach & team on the right bench (usually used by Liverpool) to see the display scoreboard without stepping out onto the court. The flexibility of the system allowed a dedicated screen to be provided replicating the time/score display.

The 50” TV was not permanently fixed to the wall – it could be easily dismounted and removed for safe keeping when not required for the LBC games.

However, such a display could be permanently mounted if required. Depending on the location, it would need to be protected by, say, a wire cage from accidental damage & removal. A permanent mounting would be at a higher level to reduce the probability of both risks and permanent power and HDMI cable runs would need to be installed.

The design of the set-up has become more elaborate & complicated following the move from the ABT&CC to the Archbishop Beck Sports College, as detailed on Developed